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Barbed Wire Fence

Hire Professional Fence Builders For Barbed Wire Fencing

Barbed wire fencing is made of sharp-edged wires or pointed barbs with gaps throughout the strand.

It is used for security purposes since the heavy-duty sharp wire can be very dangerous for trespassers. This cost-effective fencing prevents people and animals from climbing into your property and secures your goods or livestock from being stolen or damaged.

This is why you should work with someone who understands how to install and mount it for maximum security.

You need true professionals to install a barbed fence properly, and that would be us. Whether you want fence construction in Aptos or Watsonville, the experts at Santa Cruz Fence Construction can do the job for you!

Barbed Wire Fencing In Commercial Areas

While all types of businesses need security and are susceptible to trespassers, thefts, and break-ins, some benefit from barbed wire fences more than others.

Commercial Farm

We can secure your commercial farm with high-quality barbed wire. These keep humans from breaking into your premises and getting access to your livestock. We also design a system of boundary and internal fencing to keep your animals safe.


Bamboo is an easy-to-use material for fence installation. It can be customized according to your requirements for the kind of style you are looking for. Sometimes, these are sold in a paneling roll form to make its utilization easier.


Bamboo fences are tough and strong, unlike wood ones that mold, break, and wear quickly. These are water-resistant and sturdier than other natural materials used in fencing. 

Construction Yard

Barbed rails are great at preventing people from tunneling or climbing on your commercial yard.

High security is necessary on construction sites due to the high value of stored goods. Apart from the construction materials, you also have expensive building equipment. Furthermore, there may be heavy-duty vehicles parked on-site, adding to thousands or millions of US dollars’ worth of things.

Asa result, we provide top security with our fences to keep thieves away

Auto-Repair Garage

This is another business with lots of expensive on-site equipment. Forget valuable diagnostic tools; even a simple toolbox here could be worth a lot of investment if there are valuable contents inside.

More importantly, your garage might have many vehicles on-site for a long time, and vandalism or theft shouldn’t be an issue if you want returning clients.

The good news is that garages aren’t as big as construction yards, so installing barbed wire shouldn’t be very costly

Vet Clinic Or Pharmacy

As a pharmacy or vet clinic owner, you can benefit from barbed wire fencing because you are more susceptible to break-ins than most other businesses.

Here, you have to create an impression on the patrons because they will consider your security fencing. You want to make them feel comfortable and show that you have everything you need to keep burglars out.

The sharp wires will also show any potential thieves that your premises are well-secured, and they can’t break in without hurting themselves.

Get Commercial Fencing With Professional Fence Builders In Santa Cruz

Suppose you are a commercial property owner looking to increase the security around your premises or someone with a new property detailing the security features. In that case, barbed wire fencing is a great option to look at. It is cost-effective and does the job of keeping intruders away.

However, its installation process is crucial and time-consuming, requiring experts to do the job. Whether it is the construction of the corner post or the bracing assembly, every part of the process requires attention to do the job correctly.

As expert fence builders, we can make the outdoors of your premises highly secure as we have been working in the field for over 20 years. If you are looking for expert fence and gate contractors in Santa Cruz, then contact us today!

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