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Brick Wall Fence Installation Santa Cruz

Rustic Brick Wall Fence Installation Services For Your Home’s Exterior

Brick fences have an old-fashioned charm to them that many homeowners want to incorporate into their outdoor space. These are also a practical option, as many customers install fences to safeguard their properties from prying eyes.
You can have a low brick wall or a high brick wall depending on your requirements and what your property looks like. Either way, count on our technicians to deliver stellar services.
With the expert help of Santa Cruz Fence Contractors, you won’t have to worry about anything because we take care of it all.
We match the size and colors of any existing walls, purchase suitable materials and start the installation process on your schedule. You can also count on our teams to handle the shoveling and measuring for a result you’ll love.
We are specialists in border fence construction for a reason!

Bespoke Brick Walls Customized for You

If your home has a porch or a deck, you can accent them with brick columns. We can also build self-supporting brick columns in your entryway for decorative purposes or coat an existing column with a thin layer of bricks.

Santa Cruz fence contractors have an arsenal of seasoned builders with unmatched craftsmanship. We are meticulous bricklayers that make sure no brick is placed out of alignment because that can ruin the charm of a brick wall fence.

If you don’t have a deck to connect your brick wall fence to, our skilled deck and fence builders will develop a deck design that fits perfectly with the vision you have for your entryway.

The best part about brick wall fences is that they can be connected to other kinds of fences.

If your property is already fortified with a wooden fence installation or aluminum fence, but you feel like it is lackluster and needs something new? We can incorporate freestanding brick columns to complete that vintage look.

If the existing footings are not up to our standards, we will insert new footings ourselves. We ensure that all our installations are done at the highest standard.

Brick Wall Fence Maintenance

During 20 years of brick masonry work, we’ve learned how to excel at different styles of brick fencing to deliver quality and durability to our clients. Our brickwork specialists understand that building a solid structure is essential to the longevity of your brick walls.

Although brick fences and veneers are relatively low maintenance, the occasional repair is inevitable. In some areas where weather conditions are extreme, bricks tend to mold on the surface.

This is called efflorescence. Our team is equipped to clean the mold and fix any cracks or deterioration in brick and mortar joints.

Santa Cruz fence contractors respect your property as we work tirelessly to maximize results and minimize the mess that comes with building a brick wall.

So, sign up for a free consultation now, and let us handle your brick wall installation project. Our primary focus is providing excellent quality services and good value for money.


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