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Chain Link Fence Installation

Affordable Chain Link Fence Builders In Santa Cruz

Are you looking for a fencing option that is functional, durable, and affordable? If you answered yes, try out our chain link fences.

As old as chain link fencing is, it is still widely popular today as a solid barrier to safeguard properties. This makes it a smart choice for residential and commercial applications.

Chain link fences are made from steel wires woven into diamond-shaped patterns. They can be galvanized with zinc or covered with vinyl, depending on what our customers prefer.

Any gate and fence installation usually cost a considerable amount of money. But Santa Cruz fence contractors provide chain link fence installation services by using the most economical materials available.

Nothing Protects Like Chain Link Fencing

Customers from residential or commercial areas who opt for a chain-link fence usually look for two things – security and cost-efficiency.

Chain link fences can be installed for various outdoor spaces like playgrounds, backyards, dog kennels, pools, etc. And they offer a level of security that other kinds of fences cannot.

With its open-weave features, chain link fences do not block sunlight. They don’t even hamper visibility and offer a full view of the outside without letting outsiders in. This is why many school boards and local government buildings favor it.

Galvanized steel links and fittings make our chain-link fences the ideal choice for our safety-oriented customers.

Thanks to technology, we’ve taken this traditional fencing method and customized it to the needs of our customers. These fences come in various colors and can be designed to blend in effortlessly into any landscape.

Our fence and gate contractors have built a reputation for creating bespoke chain link fences in various areas of Santa Cruz over the past two decades. We continue to improve our methods to make our clients happy.

Maintaining and Repairing Chain Link Fences

Even though chain link fences are durable and low maintenance compared to most fences, they can still get damaged from breakage or bending.

Our experts follow these simple steps to prolong the durability of the fence:

Clearing the Debris

It’s not uncommon for debris like leaves and trash to get caught in the chain links, especially during the spring season. When the debris gets caught in the wiring, we remove it from parts prone to damage, like the hinges and gates.

Rust Prevention

Chain links are usually made from galvanized steel, which means they can corrode with normal wear and tear. To combat this, we apply a coat of fence paint which keeps the steel from rusting. If your fence has already rusted, we use steel wool to remove as much as we can and finish off with fence paint.

Luckily for our customers, our inventory is always stocked with supplies for maintenance and repair.

So, whether you’re a concerned parent looking for a fence solution for your local playground or a homeowner trying to seal off your pool from intruders, the chain link fence is the right choice for you.

At Santa Cruz Fence contractors, we provide reliable gate and fence installation services. Additionally, we stay on top of any repairs or maintenance that your existing fence needs.  

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