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While fences are generally linked with residential properties, they have plenty of commercial applications as well.


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Commercial Gate And Fence Installation in Santa Cruz

While fences are generally linked with residential properties, they have plenty of commercial applications as well. These can be used to deal with security issues as they keep trespassers, onlookers, and thieves outside of your shops, garages, and offices.

Or, they could simply be a cure for sore eyes at an old warehouse or a construction site.

We have a range of designs and materials that can give your property the look and functionality you want. Whether you want to install a cedar wood fence or a barbed wire fence, we can install it as commercial fencing, using only top-quality materials.

Hire Expert Fence Builders For Unmatched Quality And Durability 

We offer a wide range of fencing products, and our experts also help you select the right one depending on the type of property and its fencing needs. Your options include:

Wood Fences

While popularly known as a residential fencing option, wood fences work well in commercial spaces as well. We generally use cedar or pine fences that stand well with other elements, offer privacy to your property, and require little maintenance over the years

Aluminum Fence

We provide aluminum fences in various styles as they are famous for their sophisticated look. This affordable and easy-to-use material gives the same aesthetic as iron.
Get rid of one property maintenance headache by installing aluminum fences that compliment your commercial property and adds sophistication to its exterior.

Vinyl Fence

Whether you want a solid for privacy or a picket fence to add an aesthetic element to your commercial area, we offer vinyl fencing construction in various styles. These are impact-resistant, and they do not chip, fade, rot, crack, or need paint.

Chain Link Fences

As one of the most popular commercial fences, the chainlink fence is made of galvanized coated steel, which makes it highly weather-resistant and rust-proof.
Need it in a unique color? We can paint it with vinyl coating in any color of your choice to make your commercial more on-brand and business-friendly

Call Now For Commercial Privacy Fence Construction

As a commercial property owner, you need privacy for your premises to ensure the comfort of your staff and visitors. But at the same time, it is also essential to keep the façade of your building looking good from inside and out.

Our fencing products can keep your commercial property safe from intruders, trespassers, and prying eyes. This reduces the chances of theft and vandalism, giving you and your staff complete control over your security without going above budget.

In any case, you can opt for our privacy fences or enclosures to ward off everyone through an appealing chain link fence.

Whether you want fence construction in the Scotts Valley or Watsonville, our expert team will give your commercial location the look you want. To top it off, we only use the highest quality materials, installed by experienced and certified professionals who know their job very well.

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