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Customized Residential Fence Installations In Santa Cruz

High-quality and sturdy fencing adds value to every home. But the way we do residential fencing serves more than one function – it adds beauty, provides safety, security, and privacy to any property.

If you’re looking for a reliable contractor to cover your gate and fence installation, be sure to contact Santa Cruz Fence Installation for quality fence installation services.

We offer a variety of residential fence designs and professional expertise in fencing installation. Our fencing specialists have the necessary experience and knowledge to help you choose the right type of residential fence that will suit your home and needs.

Types Of Residential Fence Installations We Offer

Santa Cruz Fence Contractors are the best in the wood fence installation business. Here are the most commonly used types of residential fences:

Wood Fences

Wood fences are the most popular type of fence installation. They are attractive, secure, and, most importantly, durable. Since wood is a cost-efficient material, installation and maintenance costs can be significantly lower.

Vinyl Fences

Known for their flexibility and strength, vinyl fences practically pay for themselves because they are low maintenance and decay-resistant. All you need to do is clean them with a bit of soap and water

Aluminum Fences

Customers who opt for aluminum do so because of its rust-resistant properties. They are also customizable because they are easy to paint and decorate.

Chain Link Fences

This is an excellent option in terms of safety and affordability. Our galvanized fabric fences provide protection and security while simultaneously providing visibility

Hire Santa Cruz Fence Contractors to Install Your Residential Fencing

We’ve been in the business long enough to know what works for our clients and what doesn’t. Every time we install a fence, we make sure it is the best so that they never have to worry about long-term maintenance.

There are so many benefits to residential fencing. We recommend all our suburban clients get one installed around their property for the following reasons:


You can choose from various fence materials and design options that we offer to customize your fence installation fully. Wood, vinyl, and aluminum are some of the materials we provide, and they are generally cost-friendlier than other fence materials.

Enhances Privacy

With a residential gate and fence installation, our customers feel a stronger sense of security and privacy. Whether you want to enjoy a nice summer day on the patio or have some pool time with the family in the backyard, our fencing options can give you the privacy you need.


If the fence cost matters to you, you can choose from our plethora of cost-efficient fence materials. Most fence and gate contractors charge a considerable amount of money for both the material and installation. Santa Cruz Fence Contractors ensure that any material we use to build our customer’s fence is affordable and durable. Durability ensures that the structure will last longer, therefore reducing the cost of frequent maintenance or repair.


Residential border fence construction ensures that your property lines are defined. Demarcating your property is vital in residential areas where property lines are sometimes not clearly defined. This is the most effective way to keep loiterers off your property. Demarcation also keeps your property separate from your neighbors, especially in areas where houses are built very close to each other.

Santa Cruz fence contractors approach all jobs with professionalism and efficiency. We are dedicated to providing quality fence installation and offer the best value for money to our customers in residential areas because we know the value of a good fence. 

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