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Stone Wall With Iron

Stone Wall, Gate And Fence Contractors In Santa Cruz

If you want to ensure that your property stands out in the neighborhood, it’s only natural to want to take charge of every detail down to the boundary walls and fences.

A stone wall with iron is a great feature to have on your property, especially in Santa Cruz’s warm climate. It adds style and gives a historic look to your space which is perfect if you are a fan of both.

At Santa Cruz Fence Contractors, we offer various designs and help you achieve a durable yet beautiful look that will help your space outshine the rest!

Hire Expert Stone Wall With Iron Fence Builders In Santa Cruz For Any Location

Whether you want a grand entrance for your hotel or a simple one for your home’s front yard, we have a range of design options that you can use, depending on the location.

Personal Yards

You can have a simple and low stone wall to give your yard a modern yet elegant look or go all out with a grand entrance to your house. Either way, this type of wall will last many years, especially with our professional installation procedures.

Furthermore, we build walls that add a certain charm and uniformity to your property. The neutral colors go well with all kinds of landscaping and make a lovely backdrop for your garden or patio.


If you want to give your hotel a modern yet historic look, stone walls are a great option. Their aesthetic appeal will wow your customers, and you’ll love stone walls because they require very little maintenance. So it’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about.


As a park owner, you have to let the greenery shine and look inviting for everyone outside. The neutral colors of a stone wall with iron help it blend well with the plantations, and the materials work well in Santa Cruz’s warm climate.

The tiny gaps between the iron rods ensure that visiting kids or pets don’t get out without warning. 


If you own a restaurant and you are searching for a “commercial fence builder near me,” then search no more! We offer the stone wall with an iron fence option that will make your restaurant stand out with its grandeur. 

You can have an outdoor seating area with the wall bordering the property to maintain the right kind of privacy for your customers while giving them a slight view of the outside as well.

Things We Consider While Building The Wall

As expert deck and fence builders, we are aware of the essential considerations to take care of while building the stone wall so that there are no issues later.

  • Safety: We ensure the security of your family or customers by digging an appropriately deep trench and creating a solid foundation
  • Drainage: While it is sunny most of the time in Santa Cruz, as responsible fence builders, we ensure that there is proper drainage and the wall is not damaged by collected moisture
  • Uneven Land: Sometimes, homes are built on a slope, and we take care of added installation considerations during the process to give a uniform look to your property

We understand the importance of any project related to your property and take pride in being highly considerate of all your needs during the process.

If you want professionals to undertake your stone wall building project, contact Santa Cruz Fence Contractors today!

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